PT. Songsong Buwono Lestari (SBL) is located in Bandung, Indonesia. It is an environmental business using bioprocess technology that create a microbial based products and services. There are 4 founders of SBL: Basuki, Erwin, Tono, and Anton. They are pensioners of state own companies in Indonesia. Two of them have Industrial Management background (Basuki and Tono), Erwin has Mechanical Engineering background, and the last one is the practitioner of applied science in agriculture and natural science. Currently, SBL has working with several academic institutes such as Indonesia Institute of Technology (ITI) and Indonesia University of Education (UPI) in microbial research and implementation area, Brawijaya University (Unibraw) in the community empowerment projects; several business owners in creating nature-friendly solutions (Eco Learning Camp in Bandung, chocolate factory in Bandung, cattle farm in Purwakarta, etc), government in recommendating the environmental based strategy, policy, and concept (KLHK-The Ministry of Environment and Forestry and DLH), and communities in transfering the knowledge about the technology (Catholic church communities and schools in Bandung, Bank Sampah and PKK in Banten and South Sumatera, Farmers in Cilacap, etc)

Core Competencies

Our strategy comes from the idea to preserve environment and provide solutions to the society. By using our product, our customer will get high quality and cheap organic solutions with easy application and fast process. Moreover, the process will eliminate methane gases which is the greatest contributor of greenhouse gases (GHG). The core competence of our business is microbial consortium findings and our method in combining local and foreign microbes. This findings has been tested and proven in local laboratory (Institute of Technlogy Bandung and Institute of Agriculture Bogor). BC has several advantages such as fast process, cheap, GHG-less, high quality, and ease of storage. Compared to conventional method, BC have those unique characteristics which make the product marketable. However, there are several drawbacks such as no accurate measurement of the output since it is a life-being process and it will eliminate methane gasses which can be use for bio gas fuel (some communities in Indonesia use bio gas to cook).

For now, SBL focus on simple practice such as reducing the GHG by manage livestock and agriculture waste, organic city waste, industrial and other business wastewater to grow healthy food and to preserve the ecosystem (healthy soil and clean water). In the future, SBL wants to collaborate with pharmaceutical and health industry in creating herbal medicine and will expand the business to renewable energy sector by using organic waste for making ethanol and affordable electricity. Through its project, SBL tries to achieve its vision, mission, and objectives related to the environment. It is important for SBL to protect this finding from external entities. Therefore, there should be a legal action in Intellectual Property (IP) protection.

Technology (Patent and Legal)

In order to protect intellectual property, SBL had to apply for patent of the product in Indonesia. Since there is no affordable method to identify the consortium microbes and no specific regulation about microbial patent in Indonesia, SBL can only identify the dominant microbes and propose for process (method) patent. There are two types of patent in Indonesia, simple patent and regular patent. Simple patent only covers new invention which is a development of existing process. Regular patent covers invention or disruptive which can be applied in industry. SBL is developing the existing process of cow manure using BC which accelerating and reducing the complex methodology of composting.

To address this problem, SBL works together with UPI as academic institution to propose simple patent for the method that is being used to make the compost using microbial technology. This institution already had patent consultant which will help SBL through the patent process. There is a team consists of SBL representative and researchers from UPI which will be registered as patent holders. By working with academic institution, SBL can ensure the credibility of the patent and reducing the cost of patent. On the other hand, researcher in universities had to achieve their objectives such as research output. It takes few months to get the proposal published and around a year for the patent to be granted.

SBL need partners around Indonesia and the world to share the integrated solutions for the environment, to change the old paradigm about farming and the benefits of microbes to human health, to balance the ecosystem, and to expand its business. In the future, SBL wants to collaborate with international researchers to identify the behaviour of the consortium microbes in the BC and its process in creating solutions for the environment. Other than that, SBL wants to create partnerships to explore the further developments of the BC and to get international patents.


Bioprocess technology using consortium microbes was founded by a TRB community in Jogja in 2004 using natural ingredients. The main mission of this community is to bring back the earth ecosystem from the damage caused by human activites. The activity of this non-profit community is targeting farmers and business owners in agriculture, livestock, fishery, and waste management. The bioprocess technology has the ability to degrade all chemical pollutants as the source of pollution and the cause of unbalanced ecosystems. In 2006, TRB started the experiments on agriculture then introduced the method and technology to the farmers in 2009. In 2010, TRB started aplication in fishery and livestock then tried the waste management application in 2013. The first waste management project was to manage Batik production waste in Pekalongan, East Java, Indonesia.

Inspired by the growing concern on environmental changes in last few years and to grow bigger, one of the founder from TRB community established CV. Duna Nusantara (DN) with two other founders in 2013. DN wants to change the paradigm of conventional waste treatment. The founders created bioprocess technology using consortium microbes that can be used for various process. In order to introduce this technology, DN began to do campaigns through its network and local communities. Furthermore, DN started to pull together with agriculture company in different cities such as Yogyakarta, Bandung, Jakarta, and Surabaya. DN also work with government body for research and application in agriculture sector. For over 3 years, DN has cooperated with several academic institutions, communities, and agriculture company in Indonesia to ensure every supporting aspect for the bioprocess technology has already covered. DN produced Bio Compound (BC) for farming and waste management.

The health supplement version, made from fermented fruits, had been introduced by DN in 2014. This supplement used as an alternative option for patients to improve health. In December 2015, the founders of DN established PT. Songsong Buwono Lestari to increase more opportunities in the technology implementation, research and product development, and to create broader partnerships, nationally and internationally. Currently, PT. Songsong Buwono Lestari and TRB community members works side by side in the area of agriculture, livestock, fishery, waste management, health supplement, and energy.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be a pioneer in the implementation of bioprocess technology with ecological and sustainable life cycle.

Our mission is creating an ecological and sustainable integrated farming to support reliable food, clean water, and energy security.

Company Values

Our company values are speed, solid, and social. Speed is related to current environmental condition which require a fast solution. We need to work quickly and precisely to address this issue.Solid is related to our team work to achieve our goals and vision for environment. Social is related to our spirit to connect the society with the surrounded environment.

Meet the Team

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