The Bio Compound

Sustainable Integrated Solutions

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Consortium Microbes

The Bio Compound consist of a consortium of various microbes that had already existed in the environment and combined together

Eco Friendly

The Bio Compound is made of natural ingredient and doesn't contain any harmful substances. Therefore it safe for environment

Registered Patent

The Bio Compound have special and unique method in creating growing media that had been registered for patent

Bioprocess Technology

A simple, ecofriendly & multipurpose process.

Bio Compound Services

Agriculture and Corticulture

BC is used as a mixture of growing media using fresh cow manure, husk, and various other materials. BC will activate the microbes in the soil to receive and distribute food for plants. Commonly, fresh cow manure is never been used as a fertilizer because it contain gas with high temperature that can burn and dry the roots of plants. Processed with BC, the gas will be decomposed first by the active ingredients in BC. The rapid decomposition has a positive effect on soil and plants. The soil can absorb and store food reserves for plants, so the plants can get their healthy and enough amount of food to grow well.

Livestock and Fishery

BC can be used as a food and drink supplement in livestock and fishery industry. By consuming food mixed with BC, the animals will have higher appetite and be healthier. However, the increased appetite is not accompanied by the additional food portion. It speed up the harvest time into 7-10 days earlier than normal method, thus reduce the amount of feed given. For fisheries, BC is used as a decomposer of organic waste that can be fermented for few days and be used for food later. This fermented food will maintain the quality of the water and decompose fish feses and the excess of fish pellets or other organic waste. Its non pathogenic characteristic will keep the fish and other aquatic animals healthy.

Composting and Creating Fertilizer

Plants need fertilizer as additional nutritions to grow healthy and be productive. The main ingredients for composting and making organic fertilizer is organic waste such as fresh cow manure, food scraps, etc. This organic waste need to be mixed with the ratio 1:50 of BC and water. Kosher salt water, ashes, husks or cocopeat, finished compost, and limestone powder can be added to the mixture to enhance the nutritions. BC involves in the decomposition to create nutrition that can be easily absorbed by plants. The more organic waste been used, the more food availability for plants, the more nutritions can be absorbed. The use of BC can be combined with other chemical or organic fertilizer and compost because its characteristic to correct pH balance.

Domestic Waste

Domestic waste is wastewater from household and industry (in the kitchen, septic tank, along the waterways, etc). BC can speed up the degradation process into clean water or water that is safe for environment and soil absorption with no foul odors.